Monday, 10 January 2011

First Sun Of 2011 - Edit Coming Soon!

Photos by - Street Beers
Featuring - Ed Bowen - Ben Cundall - Rab - Mikey Joyce

Xmas Jam Fail!

Will Be Re-Arranged Soooooon!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hands On Legs 2010

Got a call from Harry asking me what I was up to during the school's half term week "Luke has no work for a week we wanna go skate you have a camera...etc" So I turn up on day one at Luke's house nice and early, to head to Peterborough.
Peterborough is a rad little park (can't remember where abouts or what it was called) they had an opening jam going on, naturally Remon was asked to demo alongside Luke harry and some others, basically a Rad day.
Then back to Luke’s for the night for general chilling with COD and Peggle tournaments late into the night.
Early wake up call the next morning from Street Beers set us off for the next couple of days of sheer intense rad sessioning.
First up Crawley... WET! All that was dry when we arrive was the jump box, so that got sessioned hard until the park dried up, then the rest of the fun started, Remon spent about 40 minutes trying to get the blunt/50-50 line before Harry and Street Beers could get their lips round the champagne!
Then the mini session i.e. time for Mikey to DESTROY!!!! Tucknees Stale Rocks Tricks I can't name FS Flip Stale and boom tucknee over the Mexican!
after that it started to rain so of to Shoreham, Shoreham is an interesting park full of interesting folk, classic groms all stoked on life, then you had the little hood rats on scooters "pop shuv BOYYYYYEEEEEE".
The bowl was skate by Joyce, Remon and I before our weary legs couldn't push anymore, so off to Luke’s friend Chris' house where we spent the night, and I spilt shit... sorry.
Next morning another early start and a loooong skate to a cafe then the level, the level was good but most of us were shattered so a chill skate was on the menu.
After the level we decided to head back to the van and go to hasting... or not.
about three quarters of the way back Remon spots the lovely white ledges at the end of the edit so Remon, Halliday, Joyce and I set up camp whilst Luke and harry go to get the van.
I’m filming Remon do his stuff as harry and Luke arrive back and park up in the car park to wait for us "last attempt" Remon mutters like a tired old man, when the large angry old man comes and gives us his point of view on us, he the also gave us a broken van window, kindly delivered by his elbow... trips over.
So there all in all a rad trip with many a high and one large low hope you enjoy the edit as much as we enjoyed making it...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Dunmow Skate Jam 2010

Dunmow Skate Jam 2010 >>

Dunmow Session!

                                                  Alex Diss - Frontside Air Transfer

Jack Reijs - Nose Grab Fakie